In the past year, a record number of people traded the concrete streets of New York for the sandy beaches of Florida. Between 2020 and 2021, 33,000 New Yorkers left the Big Apple for warmer climates – Florida being one of the first choices among other sunny states. In fact, enough residents left New York to make it the leading state for population decline in the country. Are you hoping to be one of them? If Florida is on the horizon for you this year, Brevard County boasts some of the state’s most beautiful places to plant new roots.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?

There’s A LOT to love (and miss) about New York, but the incredible short-term and long-term incentives of living in Florida leave New Yorkers a little less sorrowful about leaving the Big Apple in the rearview mirror. Here are some things to look forward to as a Florida resident.

Lower Cost of Living in Florida

Florida has no state income tax, which provides huge savings for residents who are used to being taxed in this way. Beyond this, the general cost of living is significantly lower than that of New York – particularly New York City. With New York City going neck-to-neck with San Francisco as the most expensive place to live in America, the Sunshine State’s cost of living will leave many New Yorkers pleasantly surprised. Property taxes are significantly less in Brevard as compared to NYC — and you get to live by the ocean!

The price of real estate in New York has skyrocketed since the threat of Covid has subsided. A quick search on Zillow NYC versus that of Brevard County will certainly cause some jaws to drop. Properties in Florida provide much more square footage for the price paid on a home, but what’s even better is the proximity to the ocean. Brevard County in particular has 72 miles of incredible beaches for residents and visitors to enjoy, and it’s less than an hour drive from world-renowned attractions in Orlando.

Better Weather in Florida

This might seem like an obvious point to make, but imagine being able to leave behind snow shovels and heavy winter coats! Imagine dropping your winter gloves in the garbage and exchanging them for a beach chair. The Sunshine State is appropriately named for a reason, with the sun shining an average of 237 days a year. That means those who live in Brevard have 237 days to explore the natural and “out of this world” wonders of the Space Coast – of which there are plenty! On a list of the many weather-related reasons to choose Florida – Brevard County specifically – the fact that there is no historical record of a direct hurricane hit within the county tops the list.

Coastal Living in Florida

The cities in Brevard County have something for everyone and plenty to make New Yorkers excited to relocate. There are 27 golf courses in Brevard County and miles of vibrant beachfront, each with there own unique beauty. Interested in exploring Floridian wildlife? Consider checking out Merritt Island. Want to make surfing a part of your everyday life? Catch a wave at Cocoa Beach.

The county is full of culture, a wide variety of dining experiences, shopping centers and grocery stores. The fishing and boating options are endless in Brevard and outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife both thrive amidst Florida’s natural habitats. Rocket launches can be seen regularly throughout the area too. Where else can you go in the world where you can watch rockets launch into outer space from the warmth of a beach chair?

Schools in Brevard County

If you’re moving a family to the county, you’ll be happy to know Brevard has one of the highest concentrations of high-ranking elementary, middle, and high schools in the entire state. Beyond providing a great education, the school system also provides a vast amount of job opportunities for locals, as the school serves nearly 74,000 students.

Hospitals in Brevard County

Adding to the great quality of life offered in Brevard are the available options for medical treatment. From primary care to medical specialists & hospitals, Brevard has trustworthy medical practices for its residents. Being just a short drive from Orlando also provides a host of other treatment options for anyone seeking some extra support.

Employment Opportunities in Brevard County

Spurred by the pandemic, many chose to relocate with the onset of companies moving toward working remotely and the difficulties associated with living in a large city during a global pandemic. The lower cost of living in Florida and the vast amount of outdoor recreation seemed to have enticed a number of people too. However, records show it’s not only families and individuals relocating, but businesses, big and small, are making the shift too. The Florida Space Coast is quickly making a name for itself as a major tech hub for growing industries. The nearness to the national space program also gainfully provides unique opportunities for those within the industry.


Though the numbers of people moving from New York to Florida have decreased as the pandemic has become less of a threat, there are still so many searching for homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida. Searching for the perfect community to purchase a new home in can be difficult when you’re not familiar with the area. Don’t miss out on the distinctions between Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, or Palm Bay by scouring the internet on your own. Trust The KIM TILLETT Team to do the HOMEwork for you and find the perfect home on the Space Coast. As a native New Yorker herself, you can rest assured Kim Tillett and the team will have your best interests in mind – call today!