Selling or purchasing a home can be a complicated process – full of important real estate jargon that’s unfamiliar to the general public. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll be bombarded with legal and industry terms most of us don’t regularly use and require some help to sift through and understand. Moving into a new home is a mixed bag of emotions for most and having the right real estate professionals by your side to help navigate the process can make an immense difference in the overall experience.

If you’re currently looking to sell your home, you’ll want to find a qualified listing agent who will get you the most out of your transaction. Don’t you want to walk away from your home of 20 years with more than just the memories built inside of it? A great listing agent will help you get the best deal for such an important sale.

What is a listing agent?

A listing agent is a licensed real estate professional who will represent the seller in a home sale. With the seller’s best interest in mind, a listing agent (also known as a selling agent or seller’s agent) will work hard to find the right buyer and represent the unique needs of the transaction. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table that reaches far beyond putting a “for sale” sign in the front yard!

What does a listing agent do?

A good listing agent will provide the exact guidance needed to take smart steps during the selling process, so the homeowner isn’t left to stumble forward, wondering about what lies ahead. The agent will also handle the tough negotiations with potential buyers and schedule showings from an unbiased perspective.

A listing agent has access to home valuation information that will provide the absolute best listing price for your area. One of the biggest mistakes made by someone who tries to sell their own home is how high or low they list their house. Finding an agent who knows the local real estate market and understands how to expertly handle listing prices is the smartest way to sell your home. Statistically speaking, homes sold by a listing agent sell for more money than “for sale by owner.”

In addition to understanding how to price your home, a listing agent will also post your property on a multiple listing service (MLS), which lists the property and puts it in front of the right people – particularly buyer’s agents who are hunting for the perfect house to present to their client.

Another one of the many beneficial roles a listing agent plays includes their keen eye for staging, taking quality and professional photos, and effectively marketing the property. To get the best deal out of your sale you want to present a professional listing to the largest amount of potential buyers as possible – and working with a strong listing agent and their professional network is the way to make that happen.

In addition to a wealth of knowledge, a selling agent will also bring a network of other professionals to the table adding to the swiftness of the process, so you can feel free to buy a home and move on. A selling agent may even be able to assist in finding financing that works for the buyer, they will assist with closing procedures and paperwork (which is a lot!), and plug in all the key players needed to make sure the seller is getting a fair price for their home sale.

Can a selling agent also be a buying agent?

More often than not, a real estate transaction requires two agents. There are occasions in which one agent serves both roles, but this is often advised against. The reason most argue separate agents for each side of the transaction is because the agent may take the opportunity to compromise the clients interests in order to cut a deal, as they’re receiving commission on both the sale and purchase of a new home.

“Listing Agent Near Me”

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