Did you know?

As a Buyer, you do not pay your Realtors commission– it’s a free service to you!

The Seller of the home you purchase pays for all commissions.

This is one question we come across often… If you’re looking to buy a home, should you find a Realtor to help you, or should you search on your own and just go with the listing agent?

As a realtor, we must remain impartial when representing a seller and buyer in a transaction. However, the buyer, may never know the relationship between the seller and the listing agent— they may be related, or great friends.

That could put the buyer at an unintentional disadvantage when negotiating price and contingencies.

So if you’re looking to buy a home, make sure you’re well represented and that you have someone who will look out for your best interests during the biggest transaction of your life— and most importantly because it’s a FREE service!

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